Janis Kreslins (1982), addressing Fulbright Grantees at the Royal Library
Fulbright Alumni
Swedish Fulbright grantees are among some of the most active in Swedish society. Among the alumni are a former prime minister, four members of parliment, former and current heads of international organizations, two Nobel laureates, many others who have reached top management positions in private industry, those who have become respected academics, and others who are renowned leaders in a variety of creative fields.

Did you know that…

Ingvar Carlsson, Former Swedish Prime Minister
Hans Blix, Former Chief UN Weapons Inspector and Chair of the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission (WMDC)
Bert Bolin, (1925-2007) Professor Emeritus and co-founder and first chairman of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
Hannes Alfvén, (1908-1995) 1970 Nobel prize laureate in physics, professor emeritus in plasma physics, Department of Applied Physics, University of California at San Diego; 
Boel Flodgren,  Former President (rektor) of Lund University
Gunnar Lund,
Ambassador to France and former Ambassador to the United States
Bengt Samuelsson, 1982 Nobel prize laureate in medicine, former President, Karolinska Institute; Professor and Chairman, Board of Directors of the Nobel Foundation; 1982 Nobel prize laureate in medicine

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