Through the Inter-Country Program, Swedish universities and research institutes have access to Fulbright American visiting lecturers and research scholars who are now in Sweden or in other European countries.

The Fulbright Commission will pay round-trip travel for the American grantee between the host country in Europe and Sweden as well as domestic travel between Swedish universities. The Swedish institution is requested to provide housing accommodations during the grantees stay in Sweden. Any other benefits provided by the Swedish institution directly to the scholar to make the grant more attractive are welcome.

The Swedish institution is asked to set up a minimum of two days of programmed activities, preferably involving more than one department or one other university in Sweden in order to maximize scholarly exchange. This program is not intended to cover travel costs for grantees to attend conferences in Sweden.  See the list of Swedish Institutions.

Please note that only Fulbright American scholars in Europe are eligible for our Inter-Country Program to Sweden.  See the list of American Scholars in Europe for 2017-18.

You do not have to contact the scholar prior to submitting your application. If your application is selected, the Commission will contact you to discuss the invitation to the scholar. Thereafter, the scholar will be asked to contact you to arrange mutually acceptable dates, specific lecturing/research topics, and other details for the visit.

Please contact the Fulbright Commission to request an application form. It must be completed and returned to us as soon as possible. The Commission encourages applications to be submitted at least one month prior to the scheduled visit.  Applications accepted through April 30 every year.

For further information about the Inter-Country Program, please contact the Fulbright Commission at +46 (0)8 534 818 85. Notification of award will be made on a rolling basis.