Awards are available to candidates from any of the Member States of the European Union to study, conduct research, or lecture on a topic relevant to U.S.-EU relations, EU policy, or EU institutions. The results of eligible projects must be relevant to at least two EU member states; projects that do not meet this requirement should be submitted through the Fulbright Program in the applicant’s country of citizenship.

Prior to submitting their application, candidates must arrange their own placement at an accredited university, vocational training/professional institution, or independent research center in the United States. More information about eligibility, including answers to frequently-asked questions, can be found on the specific award pages.

Grants for students  are normally for a period of nine months (i.e., an academic year). However, applications for pre-doctoral research for a period as short as four months will also be considered. Grants for scholars are for a minimum period of three months and a maximum of nine months, with preference being given to projects of 4-6 months duration.

Please note that applicants who will travel to the United States without a PhD are placed in the “Student” category and are required to remain in the U.S. for a minimum of four months. Applicants who have significant work experience or have a PhD (or will have a PhD by time of departure to the U.S.) are placed in the “Visiting Scholar Research” category and may remain for a minimum of three months.