The Graduate Student Program

Fulbright grants are awarded to students wishing to complete a Master's degree or conduct research as part of a Swedish Ph.D or doctorate in the United States.

Grants are open for all fields of study, except medicine (with the exception of public health and medical research), dentistry or veterinary medicine. Minimum period of stay in the United States is one academic year. Fulbright grantees benefit from the expertise of the International Institute of Education (IIE) throughout the application and placement processes at U.S. universities. All Fulbright grantees are required to travel on a J-1 visa with a "two year rule" clause, which means that the grantee must spend two years in their home country before applying for a residence permit or other type of permanent stay in the United States. Important instructions for Swedish applicants.

Grant Benefits

⚬ Fulbright branding
⚬ SEK 50 000 (non-degree research)
⚬ SEK 100 000 (Master's or Ph.D. degrees)
⚬ IIE university placement services
⚬ Vouchers for required tests
⚬ Exclusive seminars and events in the U.S.
⚬ Coverage of application fees to U.S. universities
⚬ Coverage of SEVIS and J-1 visa fees
⚬ Accident and sickness insurance

Annual Timeline for 2019-20

February 1, 2019:  online application opens
April 23, 2019:
application deadline
June 17-19, 2019:  applicant interviews in Stockholm
July-August:  completion of required tests
September-December:  application to US universities
February-April: confirmation of US university
May:  pre-departure orientation
August-September:  departure to the US